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With advancement of technology we see lots of fancy gadgets coming up everyday. SmartCharge is a different kind of smart bulb. It looks like an ordinary LED light bulb, except that it’s got a built-in rechargeable battery. When the power to your house is working as it should, the SmartCharge acts as just another light bulb while topping off its internal battery using your home’s wiring.

Smart Bulb In Action

When the power goes out, however, this smart bulb will keep working for up to 4 hours. And what’s more, it’ll remember the last position of the light switch that’s controlling it. So if you turned off the light before you left the house and the power goes out while you’re at work, when you get back home, you’ll still have four hours of juice stored up.

Kickstarter Success Story

SmartCharge was originally launched as a Kickstarter project and received a superb response from the tech enthusiasts all over the world. The campaign raised over $90K which is almost twice the goal. After the campaign, these smart bulbs were shipped to 32 countries.

Latest Advancements

With feedback from all the supporters, this smart bulb was further enhanced to be brighter and better. It’s not exactly cheap, but its worth the price! A single bulb is available for $29 on SmartCharge official store, but it’s apparently rated for up to 25 years of use, and you’ll need to replace the rechargeable lithium-ion battery every three to four years. Its a really good solution if you live in area prone to power outages.

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