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SmartCharge: Safe and Convenient Bulb for power outages

Power outages are common due to snowstorms, thunderstorms, vehicles crashing or trees falling on electricity poles. When the lights go out flashlights and candles may help but imagine fumbling around in the dark trying to remember where you put the candles and matches. It’s not just irritating but may cause accidents too!!

“There are many parts of world with frequent power outages. This was a very hard problem to solve. We saw an unfulfilled need in the market and so a b

ig opportunity. For the first time you can control your light bulb from the same wall switch during a power failure! SmartCharge bulb would be ideal for homes and businesses in many countries suffering from power outages.”

~ Shailendra Suman, Founder SmartCharge

What is SmartCharge?

SmartCharge is the world’s first energy efficient LED light bulb that works even during power outages. It has a built-in rechargeable battery which provides up to 4 hours of backup light during power failure. This battery recharges itself during normal use or can be charged using charge only mode. It also includes a patented Grid & Switch Sensor which not only determines if there’s been a power failure but also can detect the switch position during the power outage. So the user can turn the bulb ON/OFF from the same wall switch. What’s more? It requires no hardware changes or rewiring – simply replace your old bulbs with SmartCharge LED Bulbs. It is truly a peace of mind product.

Work on the SmartCharge Power Outage LED bulb began two years ago. After a huge success at Kickstarter Campaign, SmartCharge bulb has gone through many design enhancements. The latest SmartCharge bulbs are Brighter, Better and Cheaper.

The brightness is improved from 350 lumens to 630 lumens. A brand new feature – ability to charge the battery without having the bulb glow is now added. Also the design was simplified which has enabled us to bring down the price by 30% compared to the first version of this bulb.

Every home can do really well by having a few of these, especially if you have kids or old folks. Isn’t it a cool gift idea too? Well sure it is… So do not delay, order now and never be in the dark again!

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