SmartCharge™ LED Bulbs

4 Hours of Light When The Power Goes Out.

Smart LED

Never Be In The Dark Again! 

SmartCharge™ LED energy efficient light bulb supplies 4 hours of battery backup during a power outage.  It works like a normal light bulb, and fits a standard fixture, but works during power outages.

Thanks to all our Kickstarter supporters making this project a reality.

SmartCharge™ Light Bulbs Come In

Two Base Types & Three Color Choices

light bulbs energy saving smartcharge light

E 26 / E 27

SmartCharge 3000K

3000 K

SmartCharge 4000K

4000 K

5000 K

Color Temperature

B 22


Use Anywhere – Use Everywhere

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SmartCharge Restuarants


SmartCharge Hospitality


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